11 febbraio 2016

Emerald seas, misty skies and moving time.

Dear You who happened to visit this poor forgotten blog, I have decided to keep everything in one place so from now on the Positano Daily Photos, occasional snapchats and possibly some occassional ramblings from me will all be found at Figs&Lemons.

7 febbraio 2016

Hanging house

I wonder what it would be like to live in a house hanging high above a beach like this?

6 febbraio 2016

towards Praiano

The other side of town for me, but such a great view. I should pass by more often.

5 febbraio 2016

Mountain stairs

Sometimes I come here just to sit and drink in the view. It is extra special when the sea goes blue, at sunset and night time in midsummer when it is speckled with lit up boats.

4 febbraio 2016

Banana trees at sunset

I went out for an afternoon walk with a friend and as we were chatting I saw the sun cast a golden glow over the sea. I snapped this with my phone, hardly braking stride.  Someone suggested that I had super-imposed the 'palm trees' into the shot, but no, these banana trees grow around the public showers all summer long.

3 febbraio 2016

Wet feet.

Yes, I didn't move fast enough. My feet got drenched and I had to squelch all the way home.

2 febbraio 2016

Ivy view

Taken from the roadside on the way up to Montepertuso. I actually looked twice because the long shadows of the cars made the road look like a big staircase.

1 febbraio 2016

3 kms to Positano

I started running again. This was my half way point for a week, next time I'll push it a bit further. Running along the side of the road is not ideal, but its more fun than doing circles around the football pitch.

30 gennaio 2016

Tropical seas

The wild churning sea in the winter causes the sea to turn this brilliant colour all along the coast.


Empty flowerpots on the steps by the ceramics shop. Hopefully some flowers will be planted in springtime.