20 maggio 2011

Pietra Miliare

Looks like I was just a couple of miles ahead of Laura with this photo!
The bigger numbers are used by the police. For example if there is an accident on the road the numbers are used as a marker as to where the accident happened i.e between 14 and 15.

Sembra che stavo un pochino avanti a Laura con questo foto!
I numeri piu grandi sono usati dalle forze di polizia come indicazioni stradale.

2 commenti:

  1. Beautiful picture! In the USA motorists, especially truck drivers, warn each other where police are located.

  2. I must admit Nicki, when we were being driven along those roads down to the Amalfi Coast, there were times when I thought 'this is it, we're going over'. Pretty hair raising, but looking back, definitely worth it for he views.