27 maggio 2011

The porters zip around on their carts delivering luggage and packages anywhere in town, saving many people from backache and exhaustion. But I wonder how their backs are after lugging heavy loads up and down the steps all day?

I facchini di Positano con i loro carrelli portano baggagli e pacchi in giro di Positano.

1 commento:

  1. HA! You can tell by his little panza there that he needs the exercise! I'm sure he's fine! Probably delivers a package and gets an espresso in return.

    "ciao cara un pacchetto per voi!" dice lui. "volete un espresso? Si sta lavorando così duramente!" dice lei. "Sì grazie." Lei dice "Forse un piatto di pasta troppo?"

    sorry had to make that story up!