22 luglio 2012

lost ring

This guy lost his wedding ring in the sea and spent ALL DAY floating around looking for it with a mask and snorkel. Finally at about 1730pm he spotted it only to realise it was too deep for him to dive. Here's the moment another man helped out and managed to grab the ring...cheers all round the beach!

4 commenti:

  1. WTG!! to them
    what an interesting day you had watching them
    how did you know what they were after in the first place?

  2. Such a great ending to the story!

  3. I've seen people losing wedding rings a lot, but this time you get to show us the finding it! Lovely, for a change.

  4. That is inspiring. I can't imagine that I would have the fortitude to stick with the search, such a big sea and such a little ring. It's amazing he found it.