12 maggio 2013

Catch up!

I've just moved house so had no internet for a while. Here's what you've missed!

On the beach at 1745pm:
Piazza Mulini on a busy April day:
Little boats all in a row:
View from the roadside:
Vintage car ready to transport a bride to her Positano wedding:
The Giro D'Italia bike race passes through Positano:
Poppies in bloom overlooking the bay of Sorrento:
Positano all lit up on my way home:
The former villa of France Zeffirelli:

The tower at Fornillo beach:

3 commenti:

  1. Le Sigh! Your photos always make me want to come visit. Can't wait til the day I do!

  2. We are coming to visit. Exactly a year away. And it's great to see how the weather will be.