24 dicembre 2013

Positano Christmas Eve

The lights of Positano this Christmas Eve (about 40 minutes ago to be precise). Merry Christmas to all and thanks Dad for the new camera! xxx

3 commenti:

  1. Simply breathtaking... Where could you possibly live to have such a view?! Already green with envy!
    Great job, you just gained one more fan!
    Angelica from greece

    1. Hi Angelica! I know, we're spoilt for the views here! Be sure to check out my other blog on life in Positano (www.figandlemon.blogspot.com)

    2. The perfect way to end my day, a walk through your blogs makes my heart relax and anticipate the next visit to Positano.. This time with our newborn son!!!
      You already know it, i shall just confirm it.. You have chosen a slice of heaven for home!